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The biggest challenge in making triathlon (or any other sport for that matter) is of course that the athlete should feel safe and trust that the plate and the bag is secure, without interfering and remain like that throughout the exercise. To address this, I have chosen to take advantage of a number of aids. On a daily basis I use  Coloplast Sensura Xpro plates with extra adhesiveness and a Coloplast Brava sealing ring. In addition, a Carefix Stomasafe net bandage that holds pouch into the body.

For competitions I also use a Coloplast Brava edge protection to be “double” sure that the plate does not come loose because of swimming or sweating. As for the bag i use Coloplast Sensura midi or maxi. I have struggled a lot with air in the bag, also called ballooning, which especially comes after swimming. To address this problem, I’ve found solution by installing an additional filter on the bag as well as a “valve” called Osto-Ez-Vent. In the picture below you can see the full kit I make use of.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Hej Morten.

    Spændende at læse om hvad du gør når du kommer ud hvor udstyret for alvor bliver testet. Jeg løber selv halvmarathon og har også kæmpet lidt med at finde det rette setup – jeg bruger selv Convatec, med Coloplasts bælte til at klikke i de to øjer.

    Hvad hedder den kantsikring du bruger, det kunne jeg selv have glæde af at anskaffe mig!

    • Sommer says:

      Hej Andreas

      Tak for din kommentar. Jeg har nu linket til den Coloplast Brava kantsikring jeg bruger. Du kan garanteret få Coloplast til at sende dig nogle vareprøver, hvis du giver dem et kald. Jeg er glad for at høre at mine erfaringer kan komme andre til gavn :-)


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