My story

My name is Morten Sommer, I am 32 years old living with my wife in Copenhagen, Denmark . I work as an IT project manager. In addition to cycling and triathlon, I’m very fond of skiing and cooking.

In 1996 I got a racing bike and that was the beginning of a now lifelong passion for cycling. I’ve been competing in bike races since 1997 and in the past 10 years been a member of Arbejdernes Bicycle Club – ABC. In my career I’ve had a couple of seasons in the Danish elite class, called A-class, which has been a great experience with participation in several national championships, foreign stage races and various training camps.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with  ulcerative colitis, and for the following eight years i took medication everyday to to contain the disease and the symptoms down. But in 2008, I was unfortunately getting worse and even high dosis corticosteroids could not help it. Therefore I had to undergo surgery, resulting in an ostomy. This was followed by a few years with way too many hospital visits as a result. This meant a short farewell to racing, but certainly only for a while. In the last two years been I’ve been back with numbers on the jersey, at a lower level than before – but still with the same joy of the races. I have always been fond of the time trials and therefore this has also been part of the motivation to go into triathlon. I see an ironman as something close to the ultimate challenge for me with the limitations my previous illness and now physical disability gives me.


Mine klubber

Jeg er medlem af:
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